Her husband is her only resort both in this world and the world beyond.""To repose still under the shadow of the husband's feet is at all times more delightful than dwelling in palaces or pleasure drives in aerial cars.""A woman who is separated from her husband cannot sustain her life.""The desire of the husband is of a greater consequence to a woman than even ten million of her children."Ayodhya Kanda, 37-24, 39-20, 39-21, 62-13, 117-21, 117-22, 118-9"The wife is the soul of all those that lead a wedded life.""However much a loving husband may satisfy the wants of his faithless wife, he is discarded by her in times of distress.""It is characteristic of the womenfolk to enjoy in times of prosperity (of their husbands) but abuse and even discard him at the slightest advent of adversity.""She who is always at loggerheads with her husband, however good and wise he may be, does not merit the name wife, here and hereafter.""A woman goes to the worlds of bliss if only she cheerfully serves her lord wherever he may be, living in beautiful cities or suffering in the forests, and whatever he may be, a sinner or a saint."'The husband is the god for a worthy wife be he a wretch or be he sensuous or devoid of property.""For a woman there is no penance greater than service to her husband."Sunder Kanda, 16-26
"For women there is no ornament more valuable than their husbands."Yuddha Kanda, 117-26
"Neither houses nor garments, neither ramparts nor veils, nor the royal paraphernalia can protect a woman.


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