So they both have done drugs – together and on their own – and been unfaithful – yeah, she too. Yet, she and her posse of birdbrains are trying to fool everyone into believing that she is the pious little wife who has been wronged. Whether he starts a relationship with MJ or his baby mama, the fact that his marriage has had no sanctity for a while says a lot about the quality of that relationship. And how in the world can Venessa continue to fool everyone when she’s the one who’s gone and initiated the frickin’ divorce proceedings with extreme measures and is manipulating the situation through controlling his access to his kids? And trying to grab his property – it’s not even joint property for Chrissakes! Yeah, I now this will now open a floodgate of holier-than-thou admonishers who will tell me to go get a life – I’ll save you the hassle: this is my life so eat your hearts out losers.


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