The margraves of Bayreuth (ext. 1769) and Ansbach (ext. 1806),descended from brothers of Johann Friedrich, admitted a few marriageswith new-princely families (Eggenberg 1639, Ostfriesland in 1723),old-comital families (Hohenlohe 1711; Oettingen 1651, Hanau 1699), andeven a few new-comital family: Christian Heinrich of Bayreuth marriedin 1687 Sophie von Wolfstein, whose family had acquired the immediatelordship of Sulzbürg and been created counts in 1673;Sophie ofBrandenburg-Bayreuth married in 1731 prince Alexander of Thurn-Taxis,who had bought the immediate lordship of Eglingen in 1723,thus gaining seat on the bench of Swabian counts, and would be admittedas prince with individual vote in 1754 (his sister married the duke ofWurttemberg, whence the royal house of Wurttemberg).


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