If you are entering your junior year, you should be looking at colleges as soon as on the calendar-conveniently after the SAT- as a good time to start your search. Narrow it down you settle in to your first month of school. Mark October 15th by region, state, type of school, degrees offered etc… in order to get it down to your 10. If you are starting your senior year, then you are behind in your timeline. If this is the case, then open another tab in your computer and start looking right now. If you are entering into your sophomore year then you have plenty of time but it certainly doesn’t hurt to start thinking about what you might want in a college at this point in time. Think about whether you would enjoy a big campus or a small, easy to navigate, college. Think about what region of the country you might like to live in for 4 years and what you want to study (READ: ““).


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