It is Definately a move to make people move to a certain area. When all the people are moved to a particular area it is like having them penned up and then they can be controlled a lot easier. Oh yes and easier to Spray. When I saw the Lithium Rocket’s over Virginia video I was astounded. The floods will continue in certain areas and the NYSE will have their bets down. The GMO thing is a bad one. I have yet to see anyone that pays attention to this except one person. I don’t see too many C-Trails lately. It is just a thick white grayish haze that blocks the sun totally. This is in Ontario Canada. Right now I can hear a Chopper and I can guess what it is up to. Constant spraying going on. I also notice more and more people that have had a Stroke. Loss of movement in their one arm. Also more people in wheelchairs. Way too many to count that are sick with something or other. It gets me that everyone pretty much just thinks its normal because it’s that time of year. I am convinced that most will not Wake Up. Dumbo Down Big Time. If anyone gets the chance Google Alan Watts Chemtrails YouTube. Also google Alan Watts Geoengineering You Tube.
Have a listen to him. Explains it well. I really hope you people in California can get some good rain there. It is a real mess all over the place. Take Care


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