Dr Tara, thank you for your kind and understanding perspective. It shows great wisdom and objectivity on your part. I am especially fond of one particular aspect of your stance on women of this nature: Your message isn’t aimed at bashing or generalizing women, in fact it promotes strong independant behavior that allows women to live happier, more fulfilling lives. Thats what some posters don’t seem to be able to grasp. There are multitudes of women that chant female empowerment and independance but your message cleaves a significant percentage that are on board with empowerment and individual strength just as long as its done at someone elses expense. I too am in a marriage in which I have become more of a father figure and provider rather than a partner and a lover. The most difficult aspect of this unfortunate situation is that inherently a woman that is characterized by ths type of behavior lacks the maturity and objectivity to see or come to terms with it. Hence the husband becoming the father figure. We now have a two month old baby girl and I fear that the already disproportionate degrees of contribution will worsen severly as the very nature of parenthood is that the parents maintain an adult level of responsiblity, the very thing she seems to be unwilling or incapable of to begin with. I have recently approached her out of frustration regarding our situation and she maintains a childlike disregard and purposeful ignorance all the way to the point of the topic of divorce. She would rather our family fall apart than face any truth.


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