A reveals a potentially volatile mix of racial prejudice and political prejudice. One in four Americans harbor “negative attitudes” toward Chinese Americans: they find it inconceivable to vote for an Asian American as President of the United States and would disapprove of a family member marrying someone of Asian descent. The study indicates that considerable bias and negative stereotyping by a significant portion of the US population undermines equal opportunities and rights for Asian Americans. One in three (32%) Americans believe Chinese Americans are more loyal to China than the US, one in three (34%) Americans feel they have excessive influence in US high technology and nearly one out of two (46%) Americans fear that Chinese Americans will leak secret information to China. (These unparalleled negative figures are a point of concern for the . In comparison, the negativity rate is 15% toward the idea of an African American presidential candidate, 14% for a female candidate and 11% for a Jewish candidate.)


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