In June 1988, at the Eastern Gathering at Camp Akiba in Pennsylvania, leaders from TNS and ASA met to form the Naturist/Nudist Leadership Council. Loosely based on the defunct NLC, NNLC planned to focus on legal challenges and lobbying efforts. Membership would be open to individuals rather than to organizations. A steering committee was formed to make sure NNLC did not fall prey to the same internal inefficiencies as NLC had. The committee members responsible for the startup of NNLC were: Lee Beverage, Cec Cinder, Ron Burich (the first chair), George McCormick, Mary Lou Schloss, Durand Steiger, and Turner Stokes. To NNLC's advantage, it had the backing of both TNS and ASA. Never before had these two organizations worked this closely together on a project of this magnitude and importance. Probably the most important achievement of NNLC was its sponsorship of the February 25, 1989 Legal Conference on Nude Recreation held at the Dulles Airport Holiday Inn in northern Virginia. Suggested initially by Robert Ellis Smith of Rhode Island, the conference allowed NNLC and lawyers involved in nudity cases the opportunity to share advice and to plan cooperative strategies for defending naturist freedoms across North America. NNLC struggled however, to turn itself into a cohesive and effective political force. Its leadership structure never quite solidified and funding was always a problem. Without sufficient funds, NNLC was unable to fulfill its goals of mounting court challenges to anti-nudity policies or of acquiring lobbyists when needed.


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