Many students entering college have extremely poor time management skills. One major problem is procrastination. Some students will wait till the night before a project is due before starting it, quickly rushing through the project, making careless errors, and getting little rest that night. Another self-destructive habit many college students have is cramming for tests. Often this cramming session takes place the night before, or even the morning of, the test, wherein the student tries to cover many weeks worth of material in a few hours. This method of studying is almost worthless because the student will never retain any of the knowledge he or she "studied. Yet another sign of poor time management is lack of proper rest. Fatigue can cause loss of concentration during lectures, and careless errors on exams increase greatly when a student is tired. Sometimes students may be so exhausted they actually fall asleep while studying; nobody can learn through osmosis. With all that time already devoted toward class and study, some students add additional pressure to their schedules by getting a job. 'While this job may be necessary, many people will schedule themselves for more hours than they can handle, not leaving enough time for study or homework. Supervisors will sometimes threaten to fire a student if he or she is unable to meet the assigned hours, so some students will work 8 or 10 hours after being in class in the morning. After hours spent in class, then a full day spent at work, many students are simply too exhausted to productively study or do homework. But the most obvious sign of poor time management is attending parties instead of studying.


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