After a long and careful though on the subject(s) we have talked about on this site, I have come to a few conclusions as concerns as to what Barbara Graham wore to her execution. First, after carefully studying the photos of her in court I observed that most of her blouses were not the button up type needed to allow the attaching of a stethoscope. The only button up blouse I saw a picture of her in was very thin. For the attaching of the harness for the stethoscope a woman’s bra would have to be removed and underwear was usually not worn by any inmate to the gas chamber. The this blouse mentioned above may have been to revealing had she worn it. This is most likely why she wore the jacket/shirt which was popular in the 50s. It provided decent coverage for her body as well as allowing the attachment of the stethoscope. I am convinced that her shoes were removed from her at least several minutes prior to her first walk to the gas chamber, but most likely she did wear nylons to the chamber.
As far as her salivating, that is possible as people do that in their sleep. Concerning the loss of control of other body functions, that would have only been known to those who removed her body from the chamber and no one else.


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