Jesus also exhorted his followers to be ready for the future judgment in his teachings on discipleship. Just as the Son of Man had to suffer before his exaltation, those who follow him must daily deny themselves and give up their lives in this world to save their lives for the kingdom at his coming; this daily carrying of the cross includes exposure to persecution for Jesus and his words (Luke 9:22-26). In fact, it involves a renunciation of everything in the present age, including family members (14:25-33). For some, this renunciation entails an actual loss of family relationships (9:57-62) or of earthly possessions for treasures in heaven (18:22-30), as was seen in the discourse on seeking the kingdom (12:31-34). Such loss is compensated not only with eternal life in the age to come, but also with family and possessions in the present age (18:29-30); this is an instance of the Father's provision for the earthly needs of those who seek the kingdom instead of seeking those needs (12:22-31).


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