Why would the Egyptians/Kemetic people put this creation story inside the Ankh? Here the Cosmology Creation is not separable from the Ankh. In addition, the loop of the Ankh is actually serving as a Shenu/cartouche for the Nwst/Kings name. If the loop of the Ankh is Nun/Nunet as it is represented here and the King’s name is inside of it – then this is evidence that that the Shenu is possibly Nun/Nunet. There is no doubt that the Shenu is connected to the Ogdoad Heh/Hehet. At any rate, the Ankh and the Shenu have similiar properties. They both have loops and they both have ropes and in at least one case the NebKhepreRa King’s name was in the Ankh. In addition, the famous Ankh Mirror of Amen Tut Ankh is significant because though the mirror has never been found, the mirror portion would represent Nun/Nunet or the primordial waters.


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