Tadao and Toshio once again began spending their days working out the problems with the next prototypes. Around that time, both younger brothers, Kazuo and Yukio, also quit their jobs, and began working at Kashio Seisakujo. Toshio came up with the ideas, Yukio, who had taken mechanical engineering at university, drew the plans, and Tadao and Kazuo did the production. In 1956, six years after the start of development, they were close to completing a calculator with a continuing multiplication function, and all they had left to do was figure out how to mass-produce it. At this point, Toshio suddenly stated that he wanted to completely redesign the calculator. The solenoid design with its complicated mechanical structure meant potential difficulties for mass production. Toshio wanted to eliminate the solenoid design and use relays like those employed in the telephone exchange equipment of those days, in order to make a completely electric calculator.


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