After Adolf was released from the defeated German Army following World War II, he joined the Satanic Secret Society, the Thule Society, directed at that time by Dietrich Eckart. Before Eckart ever met Adolf, he received a vision from his guiding spirit, telling him that he was going to meet the young man who was destined to become history's Antichrist. Eckart was told to spare no effort in training Hitler in the deepest areas of the occult, preparing him for his historic role. Eckart accomplished this goal very well, as both history and Trevor Ravenscroft, writing in "Spear of Destiny" demonstrate. As Eckart lay dying, he was ecstatic! He had accomplished a unique training of a unique occultist, who would capture the world. Hitler had the training; he had the power; he had a unique demonic presence within him that would carry him to the heights of power in Germany and beyond, and would nearly capture the leadership of the world! Listen to Eckart as he lay on his deathbed:


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