Jones said that he "congratulated that party upon the facilitywith which they had made a party measure of the decision of the court in thiscase; but they were welcome to all the capital they could make out of arebellion against the law."Also during this debate, Jones accused the Republican party of introducingthese resolutions in an effort to "turn aside public attention from the recentoccurrences at Washington, and to avert the fatal consequences of the exposureof Republican corruption there."Jones's political attack on the Republicans in the New York Assembly wasinteresting because it was the type of attack that was more commonly seen inthe northern articles that lambasted the pro-slavery South and decried the"Slave Power Conspiracy." The fact that northern articles did not include sucha detailed account of the New York Assembly's debate on this resolution, mayhave demonstrated that the newspapers did not reference any opinions that wereopposed to their stance on the Dred Scott decision.


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