. Parenting style is probably the most important factor in children’s response to divorce. Every parent has a general “style” of parenting. Some parents are generally warm and accepting of their children, but seldom say no, and do not generally enforce rules or structure in the family. At times, they and their children appear to be almost peers or friends. Children raised in this way sometimes do not develop good self-control and can be aggressive or impulsive. Other parents are just the opposite, often harshly enforcing a variety of rigid rules at home without a lot of warmth or respect for the children. Children raised in this way may turn out to be angry, defiant, and learn to be dishonest in dealing with adults. Other parents neglect their children for the sake of their own needs; they are simply not “there” for their children. Children raised in this way are frequently in trouble and may develop a variety of psychological or behavioral problems. Each of these styles of parenting represents a risk factor for children, especially the permissive and neglectful styles.


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