Nothing would induce an aspiring Isosceles, who had hopes ofgenerating an Equilateral Son, to take a wife who reckoned a singleIrregularity among her Ancestors; a Square or Pentagon, who isconfident that his family is steadily on the rise, does not inquireabove the five-hundredth generation; a Hexagon or Dodecagon is evenmore careless of the wife's pedigree; but a Circle has been knowndeliberately to take a wife who has had an Irregular Great-Grandfather, and all because of some slight superiority of lustre, orbecause of the charms of a low voice - which, with us, even more thanyou, is thought "an excellent thing in Woman."Such ill-judged marriages are, as might be expected, barren, if theydo not result in positive Irregularity or in diminution of sides; butnone of these evils have hitherto proved sufficiently deterrent.


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