The Guardian leaned down to talk to me. We spoke about many things, but what I recall the most was him conveying our Creator's intentions for the World, and all the many Super Universes' and Heavens' that surround us. He shared with me how everything and everyone is connected, and even with one part missing, everything in all Creation would fall completely to pieces. The vibrations behind the Guardian's teachings greatly stimulated my spiritual mind; to the point I could actually feel a kind of tickling or buzzing sensation going on all around me. A moment came where we were both lifted upward. I knew this was happening so I could view the entirety of the Creator's Garden from above. I saw that the garden is immense and from a visual standpoint, has no end! I commented about all the many different kinds of flowers I was seeing and the Guardian reminded me that each and every flower actually represented a single Soul who had incarnated within God's Super Universe. I was told that the garden is a reminder to all who choose to walk within it of God's great Love and devotion to all Creation. The Guardian also warned me not to allow myself to become too infatuated with the colorful blooms of the flowers, but to consider the plain looking stalk which holds the bloom up for all to see. The Guardian told me that the stalk was actually just as important as the bloom itself, as the bloom (which lives to ultimately drop seeds) is a testament to the longevity and staying power of the stalk. The Guardian then told me that when we faithfully endure the storms and challenges of life, our "stalk" (or Soul) is gradually made thicker and more solid, and in timeit will hold a gigantic "bloom" (or Spirit) for all creation to see and enjoy. "The power of unconditional Love, the search for wisdom, faith in God's plan, charity and the pursuit of Joy" the Guardian told me, "is what causes our stalk to bloom beautiful flowers and drop the seeds of destiny, thus yielding a beautiful and colorful life!"


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