Hi, I know this is a love in india site and my situation is slightly different as I am from the UK. However my parents are from India originally and have VERY traditional views. I am from a caste called Mahers and I have been with a boy who is not in my caste for nearly 4 years. We want to get married and his side of the family are happy with it. I told my parents last night that I wanted to marry him and I explained that he was not Maher. Once I said this they did not want to listen to me and started telling me that they wanted to kill themselves and that they were going to commit suicide because of this. They would not listen to me or explain anything and my dad kept saying that I had lied to him and I knew he felt strongly about the caste and I should not have done this. They kept telling em that it is only feeling and I will get over it and that they want me to get married to the caste, When I explained that I love him they kept saying that I love him more than my parents and kept twisting it back onto them. Both my parents said I might aswell kill them. When I tried to get some understanding out of them I asked them if I was a boy what would they have done and they said they would not have been happy but they would have had o let me do it. So becuause I am a girl I am having to suffer? I asked about my happiness and they kept talking about theirs and how I have ruined their life and their dreams. They have wanted to retire in india and ive there but now they cant becuase I have done this to them. I said I will stay home and but I will not marry anyone else and my mum started saying she was going to kill herself because I didnt want to marry a maher person.
This is too much, I would rather them have beaten me and kicked me out. The emotional blackmail is too much for me, I cant take them telling me they are going to kill themselves.
Can you please tell me if you have heard of this situation before? I am trying to stay strong and wait it out.


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