Hello Anna, That is a very powerful and impactful dream. The intensity of it matches the intensity of the life transition you are embarking on. I do not see the dream as a bad omen, but simply as a message. The suicide does not concern me. Red-tailed hawk spirit animal may very well be showing you the perils of getting stuck in circular vision. Remember to allow your new path to expand out before you and try not to keep the vision too small out of fear of lack. Whenever we take a leap of faith that has an unknown outcome and that involves our financial wellbeing we tend to go to the worst possible place – fear of ending up broke and homeless. The hawk is showing you that this kind of imagining will get you nowhere fast. In the grips of this fear, we try to keep small and control every aspect of the new venture. Remember that there is so much yet to discover on this new venture and that the whole sky is open to you. Trust in the strength of your wings and courage of your heart and turn out of the circular patterns of worry or control you may be slipping into. Many Blessings and Best Wishes, Stacey


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