Notes: This recording is a 1990 studio recreation of the original 1927 score. It contains a version of "Strike up the Band" that incudes Ira Gershwin's original satirical. (Listen on video just above.). (The explanatory text below is excerpted from an review of the recording by Gary F. Taylor:
"Most stage musicals of the early 20th Century had trivial plots and flyweight scripts that existed as an excuse for the song and dance numbers that audiences wanted to see--but there were exceptions, and two of them occurred in 1927. The first, SHOWBOAT, was a splashy but dark play about racism and romance, and it was a huge success. The second, STRIKE UP THE BAND, was a sharp satire on American business, politics, and war, and although critics greatly admired it, and although George and Ira Gershwin were at the top of their partnership skills as songwriters, it was an absolute disaster [at the box office]. . . ."


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