The policies of the Soviet Union at the time also indicatethat it was concerned about the SDI program. For most of the 1980s missiledefense and space remained among the most contentious issues at the U.S.-Sovietarms control negotiations. The Soviet Union made the SDI program one of thecentral issues at the summit meetings in Geneva in 1985 and in Reykjavik in1986. In Reykjavik, the Soviet Union offered far reaching concessions onoffensive weapons, but then withdrew them when the United States refused tolimit its SDI program. This move has been often interpreted as a Soviet attemptto trade its offensive weapons for the SDI program, indicating the very highvalue that the Soviet Union assigned to it. Overall, the Soviet behavior wasnot inconsistent with that of a country concerned about technologicalsuperiority of its adversary, lending support to the theories that claim thatSDI was a political success.


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