Higher density sites in urban areas with shared green and productive community garden spaces are vital in providing housing for all.Do you agree we should:Ensure that additional greenfield sites are not allocated for housing until the plentiful supply of existing sites has been utilisedBlock the planning loophole which allows developers to impose developments in areas not allocated for housing?Stop urban sprawl, prioritise brownfield sites and apply the green belt principles to town planning?Link infrastructure with housing and jobs to support local needs?Become more innovative and use a mix of traditional and new methods of building, and legislate for new houses to be built to A+ environmental standards?Invest in the best design and planning for new and extending communities?Have direct government investment in affordable houses?Look at new ways to realise the value from development to pay for community and infrastructure development?Understand the factors behind the shift from owned to rental housing, and from public sector to private sector provision and achieve a balance?Make existing housing allocations smaller and better targeted to deliver houses of the right type, price and quality, and invest in community self build schemes?Strengthen neighbourhood planning so that local communities can have a real say about the level and location of development?


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