Ives' Christmas
Empress of the Splendid Season
A Simple Habana Melody
Dark Dude
Beautiful Maria of my Soul
Thoughts Without Cigarettes Rome Prize, awarded by the American Academy in Rome
Pulitzer Prize for Fiction
First Hispanic to receive this award
Hispanic Heritage Award for Literature Loved Christmas and the Church as a boy
Was an orphan at a Foundling Home
Adoptive Father: Mr Ives Senior
Learned religion from his father
Married Annie MacGuire
Has coped with a lot of death in his lifetime
Lived a parallel life to some and contrasting to others Had a lot of friends
Fairly close-minded family
Abused as a child
Physically and Emotionally
Has doubts of having a child and family
Wanted to be young for forever
Loved art and literature
Especially Dickens and Lawrence Ex-boxer now bartender / restaurant owner
Father of Paul, Father-In-Law of Caroline, God Father of Robert
From Cuban orphanage held by priests
Short tempered father, not loyal husband
Afraid of death
Sometimes called Pancho
Poncho Villa: Famous general for the Mexican Antireeleccionista Revolutionary Forces Son of Edward and Annie
Had a history and a family
Born with a heart murmur
Learned religion from his Father
Had religious visions
Wanted to become a priest
Was not afraid of death Everything in his life happens at Christmas time
He was adopted
His Father was admitted and adopted
Young woman's death
He and Annie married
Only time of year to see whole family
Robert was murdered
Met Daniel Gomez Very sexual
Ives could not become a priest
Loved Annie for her sexual passion
Could not focus on prayer in time of peril Robert's visions and dreams
Ives' near drowning experience
Washing away of Ives' skin
Holy water
The color blue The church brought him to tears
"Did not consider himself a man of this world"
Sex made him feel that he was sinning
His vision A Christmas Carol
God's mysterious workings
Forgiveness Burl Ives


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