Many of the AR-88 receivers were used in RCA Triple Diversity Receivers like the DR-89 - a seven foot tall rack loaded with three AR-88F receivers and all of the auxiliary equipment necessary for professional diversity reception. The Navy designation for the DR-89 was RDM. The Diversity AR-88F receivers did not have CL meters installed because the Diode Load current output from each receiver was routed to the Tone Keyer terminal board but the actual three Output Level meters were mounted in the Monitoring Unit Panel of the DR-89/RDM rack. All Diversity AR-88 receivers (and their variations) that were used in RCA Triple Diversity Receivers will have a "DIVERSITY IF GAIN" control on the front panel. This provided a method of adjustment for balancing each of the receiver's output for equal diversity effect (using the actual desired signal) even if the receivers/antennas were not exactly identical in their performance. The U.S. Army Signal Corps had their versions of the RCA Triple Diversity DR-89 with the Signal Corps ID of OA-58A/FRC. The Army SC diversity set-ups used a slightly different, upgraded receiver, the SC-88.


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