"ChalkboardBungle" (1993). The Warner siblings, Yakko, Wakko and Dotkeep pestering their schoolteacher, Miss Flameel. At the end, theteacher orders Ralph the Guard to take the Warners away, lockedin a crate. Ralph does so, and then Miss Flameel smiles andremoves her rubber mask, revealing Dot underneath, standing onYakko and Wakko wearing the dress. The real Miss Flameel is inthe crate! This episode was adapted into a book in 1995, withMiss Flameel as an old lady and the mask used during theunmasking was a cheap plastic one instead of the one in theepisode. "Survey Ladies." The Warners keep gettingpestered by two annoying survey ladies at the mall. At one point,the ladies wear bodysuits of sexy-looking women and stand still,to act like mannequins. They then unmask to reveal themselves.(Review by Wile_E2005)


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