The NCHERM Group, LLC, in concert with its affiliates and other Higher Education professionals recently unveiled a new Developmental Model Code (). This project was borne from intense internal debate within The NCHERM Group about the merits of model codes as a concept. The NCHERM Group and other colleagues, who collectively have written more than seventy-five codes of conduct for various colleges and universities (and revised hundreds more), wrote it to assist colleges in having a template that was not overly legalistic, but met the necessary compliance criteria. The goal was to have one that focused on student learning and development, and left the option to the professionals to adapt the document to their culture. Finally, it was written and released in a fashion that allows it to be organic; to grow and develop as the field and the law do. There are two major sections of the document: Policy and Procedure. In this Online Training, the presenters will examine some of the that have proven the most challenging – not only in the development of this document, but also in the codes that we have written and revised over the years. We invite participants to bring their policy questions for Q&A at the end of the session. W. Scott Lewis, J.D. and Daniel C. Swinton, Ed.D, J.D., are co-authors of the Code, and bring experience as both practitioners on single campuses (public and private, 2 and 4 year), as well as assisting multiple types of campuses in adopting and adapting new codes. Join them in addressing not just the issues they know exist, but the ones that your campus is struggling with.


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