A few weeks ago I was thinking about the Mona Lisa. It occurred to me that she was Salai: Salai, his 11 year old boy friend for whom he invented the modern bicycle: Guess I am not the only one who thinks that huh?
PS: I just came across Pier Paolo Pasolini and have read Roman Poems and purchased and viewed Salo: Or The 120 Days of Sodom on a BFI Blu-Ray which has Ostia with Derek Jarman as a special feature. Man-o-Man did Pasolini attack our fascist world, a world I fear is way too much for the protesters in Tahrir Square. So sad. Googling around Cairo it occurred to me that Egypt is nothing but one big tourist trap where people come thinking they will learn history. Actually what happens is they get fleeced by Mubarak pals who own the tourist industry of Egypt. Wonder what will happen in Yemen, Jordan, Syria, Iran, Algeria. I do hope they get rid of their dictators but as a friend of mine once said, “The bitch that gives birth to them is always in heat.” My heart is with the protestors. I love them but I am afraid I have been way too much like the piano player in Salo. Will PSS: Pasolini said hope was an invention of politicians: Maybe much like tourism in Egypt. WPSSS: Sure glad Leonardo da Vinci painted his boyfriend in this greatest of all paintings that I accidentally saw once at the National Gallery of Art in DC. W


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