Stages of Development
His Method
He went to teach in schools to test his hypotheses
A Higher Position
Piaget became Director of the International Bureau of Education
The Growth of Logical Thinking from Childhood to Adolescence
A book written after a similar method was tested, but with more explanation questions
The Kindly Jean Piaget
May 5, 1818
August 9, 1896
A Prussian-born journalist, economist, revolutionary and sociologist
Born Jewish to influential parents
Became a Young Hegelian at the University of Berlin, anti-establishment movement
Further impacted by philosopher's Ludwig Feuerbach’s
Discovered the resilience of the French working-class after being kicked out of journalism
Recorded historical class struggle from feudal times to the 19th century
Proposed that the proletariat masses would takeover the corrupted system as a socialist state (
Conflict Theory
He was fired, since the ruling class still funded his newspaper, and fled to London
Joined the Communist League of London, and wrote his first economics book:
a Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy
His main idea was that the course of history is dependent on economic developments
Argued that the ruling class is destined for self-destruction
Capitalism is destined to be replaced by classless society ruled by the people
First Edition Published 1865
Rather than abstract ideas, he looked at real history and observed the lower class
Analysed sociology through the "
" model, treating every social system as having contradictions which are only solved by a new social system
March 14, 1883
Growing trend of upper-class oppression in Europe
His works became popular amongst he working class and opposition parties
His economic theories proved the weakening power of monarchy and religion over the power of the working-class
The Bolshevik revolution succeeded by Lenin's rallying of the lower class based on Marx's ideology
The appeal of Leninism-Marxism was what made communism a global trend in the years to come
Hailed as the first person who systematially studied cognitive development in children
A prominent figure in 20th century psychology
Jean Piaget was a Swiss psychologist
He received a doctorate in zoology and was a philosophy expert
He became mainly interested in psychology, stemming from his liking of epistemiology, and studied it under Carl Jung and Eugen Bleuler
He was in charge of translating English Intelligence Tests for French children to solve and marking them to find his answers
He wanted to find out how children learn, rather than what stage of leaning they coudl reach
He revealed a fundamental difference in the ways adults and children learn knowledge
Piaget managed to show the world that children weren’t incompetent thinkers, but attached what simple concepts they knew to new things
And with more and more associations, children could constantly re-create and change old mistakes to learn new things
He questioned children from different age groups and even his own
He has published some 50 books which develop his theme of how the child's mind learns knowledge
His theories proved the potential that education presented to children
Teachers became the key to helping students learn, rather than leeching information
Focused on when logical functions of children become active and how it matures
Piaget's results are more illustratvie than conclusive, giving way for improvements


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