Darcy and Elizabeth stand amongst pillars which shield them from their natural surroundings
Main Discussion
Shot changes between each protagonist's point of view during the exchange
Symphonic music creates a sense of suspense and urgency within the audience, thus constructing a strong focus.
Symbolic representation of Elizabeth's transition into a new life journey.
Drearily lit shot foreshadows the events which are to come (moving from light to darkness within the still).
Set design creates sense of claustrophobia and restriction which mirrors that of the characters emotions towards their gender roles and social class expectations
The weather and it's associated sound effects reinforce the mood of the scene
Dialogue reveals main themes of class and manners/expectations
The exchange can be separated into three main sections by the way in which Elizabeth and Darcy choose to employ their manners:
Initial greeting
Closing remarks
Non- typical female protagonists- strong willed and independent
Key topics and issues raised- class divide and gender roles
Jane Eyre
Main Discussion
The use of language distinguishes social classes

This scene proves the major theme of love versus autonomy

The way Jane and Mr Rochester choose to apply their manners
Initial greeting
Closing remarks
Illustration of scene
Jane and Mr.


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