"Well, well, well! Look who we have here!" the host chirped with exaggerated glee. The cat eating the canary. "All our regular members and viewers will recognize the lovely Sveta from Kiev, Ukraine. As you heard during the introductions, this is Sveta's eighth appearance on Ultimate Reality's Culling Lottery, just one short of the record set last year by her late countrywoman, Teplota from Odessa. Isn't she gorgeous with that long black hair and those brilliant blue eyes? You just want to eat her up! And some of us will be doing just that Sunday night," he added in a smirking aside. "As you can see from the color of her sash, Sveta is also from the Wood Team; in fact, she was its leader. She's 21 years old, five feet four, 115 pounds, and I can hardly wait to see those luscious 38-C tits again. Well, Sveta darling, you've given us some wonderful entertainment during your seven earlier appearances and helped us produce some terrific snuffs. I know that on this, your final appearance, you won't disappoint us. Congratulations!" He turned to the crowd. "Let's give it up for Sveta, our third Victim-Honoree!"


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