To whom thus .
Nor are thy , Sire of men,
Nor tongue ineloquent; for God on thee
Abundantly his gifts hath also
Inward and outward both, :
Speaking or mute all and grace
Attends thee, and each word, each motion .
Nor less think in of thee on Earth
of our fellow servant, and inquire
Gladly into the of God with Man:
For God we see hath thee, and set
On Man his Equal Love: say therefore on;
For I that Day was absent, as befell,
Bound on a voyage and obscure,
on excursion toward the Gates of Hell;
in full Legion (such command we had)
To see that none thence forth a ,
Or , while God was in his work,
Least at such eruption bold,
Destruction with Creation might have .
Not that they durst without his leave attempt,
But us he sends upon his high behests
, as King, and to
Our prompt obedience. Fast we found, fast shut
The dismal Gates, and strong;
But long ere our approaching heard within
Noise, other the sound of Dance or Song,
Torment, and loud lament, and furious .
Glad we up to the coasts of Light
Ere Sabbath : so we had in charge.
But thy relation now; for I attend,
with thy words .


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