Up until now I have focused only on our own research. However, itis important to point out that our findings have been corroboratednumerous times, by many different researchers, using many differentmethodological approaches. My colleague Murray Straus has found thatevery study among more than 30 describing some type of sample that isnot self-selective (an example of self-selected samples are samplesof women in battered woman shelters or women responding toadvertisements recruiting research subjects; non-select selectivesamples are community samples, samples of college students, orrepresentative samples) has found a rate of assault by women on malepartners that is about the same as the rate by men on femalepartners. The only exception to this is the U.S. Justice Department'sUniform Crime Statistics, the National Survey of Crime Victims, andthe U.S. Department of Justice National Survey of Violence againstWomen.


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