* NU: Stands for "New Universe," the name of a new imprint of comics published by Marvel beginning in 1986 (the 25th anniversary of Marvel Comics). The line of comics was intended to take place in a word very similar to our own, with only limited differences, and no magic, pantheons of mythological gods, supertechnology, aliens, hidden races, etc. Because the characters in the New Universe titles were intended to be as reality-based as possibly, many were explicitly identified with specific real-world religious backgrounds and religious affiliations (such as Presbyterian, Lutheran, etc.), rather than using the "generic all-American" character template that had been the basis for Marvels (and DC's) key foundational characters. Despite many intriguing approaches and some (but not all) high quality stories and art, sales were generally poor for the New Universe line and the imprint was discontinued in late 1989 after less than three years and a combined total of 172 issues for the various series. Since then, New Universe characters have crossed over into the mainstream Marvel universe on a few limited occasions.


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