Inflamed by the news of Tarleton's complete defeat by Morgan, Cornwallis wanted revenge and complete victory over the Revolutionary Army. He marched toward Morgan and the Cowpens but Morgan reckoned that this might occur and quickly evaded him and moved to reunite with the main force and Greene. What resulted has been called the "race to the Dan" river. When Greene heard that Cornwallis was in hot pursuit, he said, "Then he is ours." and indeed that is what he became eventually at Yorktown. The race to the Dan exhausted Cornwallis and his troops on every level. Cornwallis said of the ordeal, "Greene is as dangerous as Washington. I never feel secure when encamped in his neighborhood. He is vigilant, enterprising, and full of resources." After the race to the Dan River, Greene continued to thwart and exhaust Cornwallis and his forces. After the British claimed a pyrrhic victory at Guilford Courthouse the British statesman Charles James Fox exclaimed, "Another such victory would destroy the British Army. "


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