When Zinn packed up his bags after the war, he wrote "Never Again" on a folder of war mementos. Years later, Zinn began questioning the motives, conduct, and results of the heroic war against fascism. What the USA really fight for? The rights of nations to independence and self-determination?" The evidence did not support that notion. The USA had engaged in a brutal campaign against until they were nearly wiped off the map, as the USA expanded its borders. Soon after the national borders extended from coast to coast, it seized , the , and then engaged in a brutal, exterminatory war against the Philippine people to keep them under American control. During those same years, the USA continually sent its troops to Latin America to keep those nations subjugated by the kinds of activities that engaged in. The USA was actively involved during those same years in carving up China into colonial spheres of influence, shared between Britain, France, Russia, and Japan, brutally putting the Chinese down in events such as the Boxer “Rebellion.” The notion that the USA was fighting for the freedom of foreign nations was difficult to take seriously in light of its record.


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