3. (a) Where a union or hospital wilfully disobeys a lawful mandate of a court of record, or wilfully offers resistance to such lawful mandate, in a case involving or growing out of a violation of section seven hundred thirteen of the labor law, the punishment for each day that such contempt persists may be by a fine fixed in the discretion of the court. In fixing the amount of such fine, the court shall consider all the facts and circumstances directly related to the contempt, including, but not limited to: (i) the extent of the wilful defiance of, or resistance to, the court's mandate (ii) the impact of the strike or lockout on the public health, safety and welfare of the community and (iii) the ability of the union or hospital to pay the fine imposed; and the court may consider (i) the refusal of the union or hospital, or the representatives thereof, to submit to or comply with, the fact-finding and arbitration procedures provided in section seven hundred sixteen of the labor law. In determining the ability of the union or hospital to pay the fine imposed, the court shall consider both the income and the assets of such union or hospital. (b) A union or hospital appealing an adjudication and fine for criminal contempt imposed pursuant to this subdivision, shall not be required to pay such fine until such appeal is finally determined. The court to which such an appeal is taken shall, on motion of any party thereto, grant a preference in the hearing thereof. (c) As used in this subdivision, "union" shall mean any labor organization or company union as defined in section seven hundred one of the labor law, and "hospital" shall mean any non-profit-making hospital or residential care center as defined in that section.


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