But that is what is happening with Kaldellis, the bee in whose bonnet is likely to be some form of fashionable political correctness -- the kind that insists on using "Beijing" (written without the necessary accents) instead of "Peking," even though most people have no idea how to , and treat it like French (a mispronunciation that in some circles would again count as a "microaggression" -- while most English speakers, as noted, will be to pronounce it correctly), or that uses "Mumbai" instead of "Bombay," even though most people have no idea from what "Mumbai" derives (hint: It's not Hindi -- see ) -- with this lingering and reciprocal hostility, as discussed, against the Latin West (but without worries that the "foreign" word "Roma" is not used instead of "Rome" in English and French, "Rom" in German, and, for that matter, in Greek) -- and with perhaps some overtones of the equally fashionable , seen with some hints and asides from Kaldellis, as noted (increasingly) in his previous books.


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