But, the euthanasia proponents have been very slick, operating behind the scenes in high places, sitting down "at the table" where stakeholders make policy for the nation, sitting down "at the table" when textbooks are written, shaping our children's worldview so that sanctity of life becomes something to be mocked or considered a "throwback" to the "dark ages" when the United States was dominated by Christian "oppressive" values. They also specifically have targeted medical and nursing students for re-education through the . The re-education was not restricted to simply promoting hospice and palliative care as the public expects it to be; it promoted the secular culture-of-death flavor of end-of-life care favored by Florence Wald, RN, Joanne Lynn, MD and Ira Byock, MD. They have never stopped working to make changes in our society and especially hospice, and they refuse to honor the sanctity of life. They have succeeded in perverting the practice of end-of-life care, so it is no longer a "safe" alternative. The public has no way to know who to trust when they enter a hospice or palliative care unit. Only a hospice that affirms the sanctity of life is truly safe for any patient, and how will you know which one is which?


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