when he commitssin even against his will, as if compelled by force?
It is lust: it is wrath, born from the "passion" mode: knowthat this, all-devouring, all-defiling, is here our foe.and again - He who even here, ere he is freed from the body, can resistthe impulse of lust and wrath, he is devout; he isblessed.
He who is happy in himself, pleased with himself, who findsalso light in himself, this Yogin, one with Brahman, findsnirvãna in him.
The (wise and holy men) whose sins are destroyed, whose doubtsare removed, who are self-restrained and pleased with thewell-being of all that live, obtain nirvãna inBrahman.
They who are freed from lust and wrath, who are subdued innature and in thought, and who know the soul, are near tonirvãna in Brahman.


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