There is a reason the major media refuses to publish the truth about hospice, palliative care, health care reform and stealth euthanasia. Most of the major media outlets like the Washington Post, ABC News, CNN and others have direct connections to those who support the culture of death approach: George Soros and others. and active journalists are on the boards of directors of Soros-funded organizations. In addition, many journalists support the Third Way stealth euthanasia practiced in many hospice and palliative care units (just "let him go") and the legalization of euthanasia and assisted-suicide. This is clear from the regular and distorted major media coverage of cases like the killing of the abused and neglected woman Terri Schiavo and others like her as well as the regular refusal of the major media to cover the topic of stealth euthanasia and Third Way killing at all. Even though they know about it and have investigated and confirmed it exists (after contacting us here at HPA), they continue to censor coverage of this dark reality of American society.


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