Many of the images relating to the civil war in Spanish archives remain uncatalogued and undigitised. Indeed, new material is still coming to light, even after all these years. The award-winning picture research team at The Folio Society has chosen an outstanding selection of more than 100 photographs from archives in Spain and all over the world, including some never before seen in print. The author himself has said that the images in this edition ‘are an excellent collection, mostly original or unknown previously to me’. The selection includes photographs by Robert Capa, Gerda Taro and David Seymour from the ‘Mexican Suitcase’, an astonishing set of negatives rediscovered in 2007. The striking cover design of the Folio edition has been created by Raquel Leis Allion, and features soldiers holding guns with bayonets and civilian combatants holding spades.


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