I looked around because this entire incident was on display. Everyone in line saw how he was treating me (all white), and no one said anything. I walked around the cash register and I looked at the bagger (also white) and asked her, in front of him, why is he treating me this way? Her response: well, everyone has a bad day and she looked away. She never once intervened. How very, very sad. If she didn’t want to stop the injustice, who will? I looked at his name tag, saw that it said Roger, and I asked him again why the discrimination in his treatment towards me? He started yelling and I asked him to stop everything and then I asked the bagger, to get the manager. She came back with the manager and I asked her to finish my transaction because of the racist behaviour of Roger. She apologized, took me to the next register and I explained to her the entire ordeal. I asked for a next day follow-up. I left the store and realized I didn’t have both bags. I immediately went back to the cash register and my 2nd bag was not there. It had mysteriously disappeared. I don’t think that was the case. I believe, Roger saw me leave it and intentionally hid my 2nd bag.


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