I think the military order of battle has been left out here or minimized. I don’t the US Military is just going to sit there while the civil war rages. National command authority will use the forces that are loyal (whoever is in power) and attempt to resolve the insurrection with direct military force. Even with large riots, national disasters we see the military deployed, usually the national guard. Remember we also have NorthCom now, a dedicated command structure for North America, obviously dedicated to conflict here at home. Continuity of Government plans have been made for many decades to respond to large scale civil unrest in addition to external threats. The impact on of military technology on lightly armed opponents is devastating. Don’t be fooled by the restrained application of force in our ME and Afgh campaigns. We could level the place and kill the populations very quickly with conventional Air/Land doctrine. In a fight to the death in a civil war, expect every weapon to be used. Some have speculated that nuclear weapons would not be used, I am not convinced, we have smaller tactical nukes that could be easily deployed with limited environmental impact. Civi war again is total war and a devastating strike with nukes would be attractive. Alternatively, I think the total war scenario is in fact very unlikely as the Statists probably realize they would be unlikely to prevail. Instead a more Argentina chaotic situation is a good model. Death squads, bombings, assassinations, significant disruptions to food, water and power, economic disruption. The usual stuff we preppers think about. That lukewarm war could go on for decades unfortunately. Somewhat grim, but we still a short period of time to make a life in a more sustainable location that hopefully will be less impacted no matter how the conflict develops. Southwest, get out now….Coastal areas, not good and I argue anything east of the Mississippi river is probably a non-starter. Our politics have gone tribal and of course tribes are in conflict……


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