Examining the RV Travelers’ Camping Experience: A Social Media Approach
Jill Fjelstul, Youcheng Wang, and Xu Li

The Role of Environmental Attitude in a Nature-Based Festival: The Case of Boryeong Mud Festival
Youngjoon Choi, Christine N. Buzinde, Deborah Kerstetter, and Alan Graefe

How Do Weather Conditions Influence Leisure Traffic? Evidence From Michigan and Implications for Climate Change
Charles Shih and Sarah Nicholls

Are You a Tourist? Tourism Definition From the Tourist Perspective
Xiaojuan Yu, Namhyun Kim, Chih-Chien Chen, and Zvi Schwartz

How Do Less Advanced Forecasting Methods Perform on Weekly RevPAR in Different Rorecasting Horizons Following the Recession?
Tianshu Zheng, Barry A. N. Bloom, Xiaofan Wang, and Thomas Schrier

A Simple Framework for Evaluating the Economic Welfare of a Large Event
ShiNa Li

Cyprus as a Winter Destination: An Exploratory Study
Savvina Karyopouli and Christina Koutra

Towards a High-Quality Religious Tourism Marketing: The Case of Hajj Service in Saudi Arabia
Riyad Eid

DMA Model: Understanding Digital Marketing Adoption and Implementation by Islamic Tourism Organizations
Hatem El-Gohary and Riyad Eid

Research Notes

Beach Recreation Among Urban Dwellers in Lagos, Nigeria: A Multivariate Analysis of Preferences and Decision-Making Process
O. A. Ajala and I. R. Aliu

An Exploratory Study of Vacation Stress
John C. Crotts and Anita Zehrer

Netnographic Tourist Research: The Internet as a Virtual Fieldwork Site
Muchazondida Mkono

Book Review

Tourists, Signs and the City. The Semiotics of Culture in an Urban Landscape (Michelle M. Metro-Roland)


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