That is sooo kind Frank. Sounds downright middle of the road. Except for the fact that AA is a program of religious conversion, not a truly successful program for treating alcohol abuse. Can you tell me how you feel about being lied to every time you hear the beginning of Chapter 5 read at a meeting? Or, does being lied to not matter to you .. honestly? Or, do you not know you are being lied to and manipulated ? Or, are you one of the liars and manipulators? The fact that Chapter 5 or the Chapter to The Wives” are lies has nothing to do with the court system. Further, many AA scum aren’t court-ordered, so it is hard to tell who is on first, what with the broken leading the broken in a program of lies, ya know. Interesting how you started by declaring your “sobriety”. That means absolutely nothing here and in your world it is worn like a badge of honor and provides some kind of immediate legitimacy. To me, it means you are unaware of the truth of the AA environment. Everyone that does the research and learns the truth about AA, no longer claims any affiliation with the organization or the environment. When you pick up your chip, think about the people AA has killed.


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