So people, stop trying to put God in a box. Just have faith and realize all things happen for a reason, in and outside of our control. Just live a morally good life, put God first, love fellow human beings, treat everyone with love and respect. If you are ill treated, turn the other cheek and realize the wicked will have whats coming to them. All we need to realize is a) God is far more powerful, intelligent and sovereign than us. He can see the whole puzzle where as humanity can only see part of a piece. b.) God created us for a purpose – creation in itself is a purposeful act. c) God loves us – He sent Jesus to die the most excrutiating pain, both physically and spiritually so that we could be reunited with Him when we die. d.) Life on earth is short, a mere flicker next to eternity. A mere blink of the eye against eternal life. The suffering we endure on earth in this time, HAS NOTHING on eternal life in paradise. It has absolutely nothing of the good life we are promised after death on earth, but is needed I believe to perhaps understand it all once we pass into the next life.


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